Kym Haverson


Kym has a Bachelor of Art and Design Honours Degree (2007) from Leeds Metropolitan University and has, over the past 10 years, exhibited at a number of UK exhibitions and shows. She was a semi-finalist in the Saatchi Abstract Showdown Competition in 2012.   

Based in South West London, Haverson is an abstract artist. She responds to the view that we are living in “the greatest age of discovery” and is inspired by the beauty of nature and the profound questions: Why are we here? What happens in space? and What is to be our planet’s fate? Kym creates shapes and scenes of a mysterious quality that can be described as expressionistic studies of light, colour, atmosphere and power. She says of her work: “pausing a moment in time; giving you the opportunity to think, to be humbled, to forget and to remind.”

Haverson uses a unique and modern style of painting. Laying her canvas on the floor (enabling her to approach the piece from above) she layers water and various mediums on top of each other, dispersing them across the canvas, allowing them to fight and embrace each other, while permitting layers of spray paint to settle on top of others, to create the final product.