Tamsin Pearson


Tamsin Pearson was born in Hampshire, did her Art Foundation at Winchester School of Art and completed her BA Honours Degree in Fine Art Painting at Wimbledon School of Art (2011). Since graduating, Tamsin has exhibited at a number of exhibitions in London as well as a number of times at Punahou Art Gallery in Hawaii; she has sold art in both London and Hawaii.

Of her work, Pearson says: “My paintings represent what I observe and experience, most often the human figure within a landscape, cityscape or beachscape. My paintings mainly stem from photographs I have taken abroad or from journey through parts of London. I create colourful work use oil paint and gesso (white pigment) on board.” The coherence of Pearson’s work is dissolved the more the photograph is magnified; images are obliterated with hard outlines melting to vagueness evoking a dreamlike mood. “By blurring and manipulating, my paintings start to combine figurative and abstract qualities. I still want the image to be recognizable to the viewer… I feel I am creating a new genre of reality. My paintings make reference to the way the mind works rather than how the camera sees; not in sharp focus but smudged experience, mood and expectation.”